Best Ways To Gain Muscle at Home

Are you feeling jealous by seeing your friend’s good body? Are you also aspiring to have fit & toned body so that you can also wear whatever dress you want? Are you the one who is not able to go to the gym due to everyday busy schedule?

best ways to gain muscle

Then you are at the right place my dear friend. As in this website we are here to help you to get good body by working out at home itself. One can easily gain muscle at home by spending time at his or her comfort zone, even without going to the gym once.

Many people follow regular activities like jogging, warming up etc. But to build muscle this is not enough as you have to go for some bodybuilding activities and need a muscle building goal. I am sure that without the help of any equipment or a gym like environment also one can get a good body with desired muscle.

Things you need to gain Muscle at Home

Well, we all know the basic cardio activities and how to burn calories to lose weight. These days this is a common problem and many people think that only by doing cardio exercises they can get rid of fat and achieve a fit & toned body.

But to get an attractive body, you should also perform different muscle gaining workouts as well. This will help you to reduce extra body fat and at the same time shape up your body.

The very first thing you need to gain muscle is some weight in your body so that you can convert that over the period of time into muscle or fit body. That doesn’t mean that you have to be fat in size though.

Even if youare a skinny guy or girl, you need regular protein supplements and food intakes to make your body healthy for such muscle gaining exercises. For fat people a strict diet is recommended as he/she has to reduce weight at the same time while working out for gaining muscle.

So, let’s see some basic things that need to gain muscle at home.

1) The very first thing is a home gym or multi-gym set up at home. Without any equipment you may be able to perform various exercises to strengthen your entire body, but it will be difficult to get a toned and curvy body. Also, with the help of a home gym you can get faster result.

2) If you don’t want home gym set up and can do various other workouts to make your body fit &toned without any equipment, then I think you should go for at least some specific equipmentlike an ab crunch machine for getting six pack ab, an exercise bicycle to burn out calories, a treadmill for regular jogging activities etc.

3) Now the most important part – diet. Your diet is the key factor to decide how fast you can lose weight and get a toned body. If your target is to build heavy muscle body then you have to follow different diet compared to the person who is looking for a toned body with good stamina.

A professional fitness instructor may help you in that case. You can also find various useful information and diet charts for muscle gain at home online.

To sum up this part, one should find enough space at home so that he/she can create a home gym environment by setting up few mandatory fitness equipment to build body at home. At the same time follow a strict diet to get faster results.

Positive results can only help you to stay motivated, otherwise you may lose concentration and will not be able to gain muscle at home.

So, first of all you have to know what you want by stating which muscle you want to build at home. As there are various types of expectations and aspirations. Some people want to get a more toned body or get some muscle everywhere, want to bulk up the body like a pro-bodybuilder, get more curvaceous calves, enhance chestmuscle, lose stomach fat, achieve any other muscle building goal etc.

Whatever is your muscle building goal, accordingly you have to set up your bodybuilding routine and prepare your home gym. Definitely the more you want, the more money you have to spend for specific equipment, as without such bodybuildingequipments you will not get faster results.

In this part I will be sharing 10 tips to build muscle at home with various recommended fitness equipments as per your budget, so that you can really get a good body fast.

#1: Improve Flexibility

The very first thing when you go for a gym is to make your body move flexibly so that you can perform various exercises. If you are from such a background where every day you are lifting some weight, putting some physical efforts then you may not need such effort.

But for many people who are simply working by sitting at one place or without moving much, for them a goodflexible body is the first necessity.You have to perform various basic exercises with the help of barbells, dumbbells and many other free hand activities to get a flexible body.

Things you need: dumbbells, barbells

#2: Improve Stamina

Stamina is a key factor to decide how fast you can lose weight and get a toned body. In simple terms the more you can work out, the faster you will getresult. But to continue your workout for longer duration, you need a good stamina.

Jogging is a very good exercise through which you can easily gain stamina over the period of time. You can go to your nearest park and spend 30 minutes everyday before starting your bodybuilding exercises. If you don’t have such facility near your home, then you can buy a treadmill at home and gain stamina.

Things you need: quality jogging shoes, best treadmills

#3: Full Body Exercise

Many people think that all professional bodybuilders concentrate one part of body at a time and try to build muscle. But this is not true. You have to make your entire body work out hard tosee any significant result.

Gradually you have to perform almost every types of workouts like biceps curls or triceps extensions, cleans, dead lifts, squats, and bench pressing etc. And to perform such kind of multi-joint exercises you have to buy a home gym setup. You might have seen such multi-gym equipments in every gym.

If you think it will be out of your budget, then I think you can check out some cool home gym reviews under $500 which will definitely help you to decide. And if you are really serious about your body building goal, then you should be ready to spend some amount of money as well.

#4: Avoid Excessive Cardio

Cardio exercises are must to warming up your body before starting muscle gain exercises. Many a timeswe have noticed people spend too much time on such activities and then later on complainthat they are not able to gain muscle even if they are trying hard.

One thing you should understand that, to gain muscle in your body you need enough calories. If you have excessive calories to burn then you may need more cardio, compared to a guy who is thin or skinny. You need enough calories to build muscle and accordingly plan your cardio exercises.

But cardio exercises are must and you can buy various cardio equipments to perform those activities form home itself. Fewof the popular cardio equipments are:

#5: Is your diet enough

As mentioned above one needs enough calories to perform a good weight training activity. If you think or your instructor found that your everyday food habit is not enough to get the desired shape, then you have to put a check on your diet plan.

If you are not confident, I am sure there are many professionals out there who can easily help you to decide on a body building diet chart, when you are planning to gain muscle at home.

Besides that, you can find out various useful topics like best diet plan for men/women to lose weight and build muscle, from where you can get some cool topics and knowledge too.

#6: Do you need a muscle building supplement?

It always depends on your body building goal and the kind of body you are aspiring to achieve. A protein supplement or muscle building supplement will always help you to fill the gap of food intake that you may not be able to follow strictly at home.

Even if you consult a dietician or professional fitness instructor, it is not that easy to follow a strict routine when you are at home and no one is monitoring the same. In that case a muscle building supplement will perfectly suit your need of getting extra calories to burn for body building exercises.

But you have to be very careful while choosing any such protein supplements as there are various steroids available in market that may promise good result, but might have various long term side effects as well.

#7: Put up more weight

Another myth about body building is gaining weight by increasing your weight lifting exercise activities. The more weight gain exercise you perform, your body will get more curves & muscles.

You should be lifting in the range of 8-12 repetitions per set, performing 3-8 sets per exercise to grow your muscle fast. But make sure you are not going beyond your capacity; otherwise a muscle failure may ruin all your plans and make huge damage to your health & body.

Keep taking regular intervals, take enough rest between each set and continue till you get tired.  You should know your capacity and the gradually work harder to gain more stamina to perform more aggressive weight lifting exercise.

#8: Don’t do much experiment

It is very common that mostly people started following body building exercises by following someone. It is not necessary that whatever is working for other may suit your body & expectations.

If you found a exercise routine or set of workouts recommended by some professionals then you should follow that only.

Every now and then changing the types and following what others are doing may not work in your case. There might be some cool exercises to perform, but they may not necessary for you’re right now and that you have to understand. So, don’t change your set of body building exercises.

#9: Be patience and Keep repeating

Patience is the key for any kind of target. You have to wait to get the desired result. And when it is gaining muscle or getting into good shape, it is even more important. One should trust on him or herself and follow a strict routine with the combination or diet & workouts and then only this is possible.

And this is even more difficult when you are trying to gain muscle at home. Because you are not under the scrutiny of any professionals and you have to be your own trainer. That’s why in most cases results working out from home may results in failure.

But if you are focused enough and know what exactly you are targeting to achieve and the road ahead then I am sure no one can stop you. Just be patience, get more knowledge about body building exercises, healthy diet and repeat the set off work outs regularly to get a good curvy body.

#10: Take enough Rest & Sleep well

Well, the last point here is enough sleep which is more important among all these points. Your body needs enough rest so that it can bear the rigorous workouts next day and all coming days. A good sound sleep can only provide your energy.

Make sure you are working hard, but get back to sleep daily on time and have enough at least 8 hours of sound sleep. If your body doesn’t get enough rest, then you will not be able to perform the similar intense exercise, which may further occur bigger damage to your body and ruin your body building plans.

How to build a low cost home gymnasium

So, finally you have decided to build your own gymnasium at home to carry out your bodybuilding aspiration. Building a home gym is not that difficult these days as there are various equipments available online with very cheap price.

But to make a complete home gym, you have to make sure you are following couple of these checklists first. Don’t just go for anything as others are doing it or getting the result, you have to build your home gym as per your fitness training plan or body building goal only.

Budget: Yes, this is the biggest concern as generally fitness equipments are very expensive if you are not aware about them much. What I mean to say here is , there are very high expensive equipments which are perfectly suited for gyms, but for your home gym you can get a better cheap alternatives. So, you should know about that and accordingly plan to buy equipments.

Other than, don’t spend money for every equipment at the first time only. Try to save money for your home gym and gradually accumulate equipments and build your complete home gym over the period of time only.

To save more money, you can also buy used fitness equipment. There are many places from where you can buy second hand gym equipment online, such as classified ads and auction sites like eBay, where you’ll often be able to pick up equipment for less than half what you would pay for it new.

Proper Space in Home: Even if you have enough budgets, but if your home is not enough spacious then you will find it very difficult to make your home gym. You need a large room with proper ventilation or air passage with sun light coming properly so that you can get the real feel of gym at home.

Just working out in a closed room will not be effective as exercise need a mental setup and proper healthy atmosphere to stay motivated and keep working out regularly.

Home support: A family with good knowledge and understanding the importance of good health is the best place to set up a home gym. Just imagine, in case your family is not finding it useful to set up a home gym and finding it useless expense then you will not be able to make your home gym.

You need your family support as well, so that you can stay motivated and also make sure that your family also find a healthy routine. It’s not necessary that only people should build body only in a gym, you can exercise and gain stamina and fitness.

Top 10 essential equipments for home gym

So, what are the equipments you are planning to keep your home gym to make it 100% complete? Here I will be sharing the list of all necessary equipments which will help you to complete every kind of work outs from home itself.

It is not necessary that you have to buy every equipment, but if you have budget and enough space at home then you would love to build a complete gym at home for your body building goal. But for budget friendly people, there are complete home gym equipmentswhich are also able to provide various exercises with the help of singleequipments.

Anyway, let’s find out the very popular and effective fitness equipments that one must have in their home gym. To get started on a great home gym, you should invest in the following 10 items:

Dumbbells: Dumbbells are one of the must to have fitness tool for anyone. One can perform various kind of warm up exercises to gain good strength & stamina. Even if you have less space at home, you can buy a good set of dumbbells with changeable weights and do basic exercises.

Pull Up Bar: This is also a very good fitness equipment which you can set up anywhere in your home and perform strength gaining exercises. This will also help you to achieve a V shape upper body and strengthen your arms. The costs of such pull up bars are very much affordable and it helps like anything when it comes to get a flexible & strong body. This is the first step of your body building goal.

Jump Rope: Jump rope is one of the cheapest home gym equipment which I am sure you are having from your childhood itself. This simple equipment is enough to make your body warm upactivities. If you have not yet bought jump rope, then you should buy it today and at least perform couple of rounds everyday to stay fit.

PUSHUP STANDS: PUSHUP STAND is also very basic equipment everyone is having from when they discover the facts about muscle gain. Personally I also have the same and I do regular pushup exercise to strengthen body. The price of PUSHUP STANDS is very low and one should buy this equipment for your home gym.

TREADMILL: After discussing couple of essential & cheap home gym equipments, let explore another mandatory fitness exercise which is a treadmill. Jogging is kind of a complete full-body exercise for warming up and increase stamina.

There are many types of treadmills available online starting from very low price. The more features you will add and the price will be increased. But you should what you look for in a treadmill to buy for your home gym and accordingly buy the best treadmill according to your budget.

STATIONARY BIKE: These kinds of exercise bikes or stationary bikes are one of the best equipment to have in your home gym for every day warm up exercise. As we have mentioned many times that warming up is a must to have exercise to gain strength and stamina in your body so that you can continue more weight exercise to gain muscle in various parts ofyour body.

ELLIPTICAL MACHINE: This one is a kind of multiple activity equipment with which you can perform variouskinds of exercises. This is a little expensive one compared to other basic home gym equipments, but if you have some space and you want to have complete home gym equipment mainly focusing on work outs &strength building of various parts of your body, then you should go for this ELLIPTICAL MACHINE.

Ab Machine: I think it’s almost everyone’s desire to have a great ab or you can say that a six pack ab. Majority if the urban life population are suffering from huge belly problem and they are working out like anything to get a flat tummy. But again, if you don’t know how to get a flat tummy and what are the exercises are necessary for that, you may spend huge time to get good result. Many people think only running or jogging is enough, but the fact is that that is just a part of the entire process. You should do all warming up and strength building exercise, but also work out abs muscle specific exercises to get fast and good flat tummy quickly. In that context, an absmachine is a mush to have in your home gym.

Adjustable Bench: You might have noticed that a bench is aa useful equipment in every gym that one can utilize the same in various ways. E.g. you can use the same to perform various arm exercises with dumbbells, go for abs exercises and also weigh lifting ones and many more. You can buy a adjustable bench to make it useful almost every kind of work outs at home and make your home gym complete.

Complete Home Gym: Well, now come the final product which is a complete alternative of various exercise equipments. With the help of a complete home gym set up, you can perform more than 70+ exercises and which can easily take care of your every need of exercise whether it’s strengthening your body, increase stamina and gain muscle in various parts of your body. But you need enough space at home and off course a quite big budget to buy a complete gym for your home.

I am sure there are various ways to gain muscle at home without weights work out also, but it will take more time comparatively. If you need fast result then you have to build a home gym with all essential equipments, follow a strict diet routine, perform key exercises repeatedly, have enough sound sleep and at the end be patience.

Nothing is impossible. 🙂